The Reincarnated Radio Podcast

Ep. 5: “And Jeannie Dreams of Me” from Quiet Please

Original Air Date: October 17th 1948

Reincarnated Radio Cast:
Troy/Boy - Michael Misko
Jeannie/Mother/Nurse - Amanda Pulcini

Music Used:
"The Cat's Shadow" by Vivek Abhishek

"Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair"
Isaac Stern · Milton Katims · Columbia Symphony Orchestra · Stephen C. Foster

Ep. 4: “The Good Die Young” from The Mysterious Traveler

Original Air Date: February 27th 1944

Reincarnated Radio Cast:
Traveler/Doctor - Dave Stishan
Sandra - Christine McNeal
Stephen - Pat Dwyer
Helen/Martha/Matron - Simmon Moray

Music Used:
"The Cat's Shadow" and "Last Lullaby" by Vivek Abhishek

Ep. 3: “The House of Purple Shadows” from The Hermit’s Cave

Original air date unknown.

The Reincarnated Radio Cast:
The Hermit/Davidson - Dave Stishan
Lamont - Joey Moray
Benson - Rob Mobley
Dan - Ian Geers
Loretta - Madeline Dauer

Music used:
"The Cat's Shadow" and "The Raven's Lullaby" by Vivek Abhishek

Ep. 2: “The Shadow People” from The Hall of Fantasy

Originally aired on September 21st 1953.

The Reincarnated Radio Cast:
The Shadow - Dave Stishan
David - Doug Shapiro
Elaine/Woman - Trish Epperson
Brian/Doctor/Mr. Davis - BK Dawson

Music Used:
"The Cats Shadow" and "The Other Side" by Vivek Abhishek

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